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WI 1848 Forward: VoterID – Human Costs – Legislature does Community Service NOT

VoterID – Human Costs – Legislature does Community Service NOT

While I waited at DMV to renew my license I was impressed by the speed and efficiency by which the staff proceeded. Check in, get assigned to the right queue, be advised of what you needed, verify that you had it. Get in this place to get your picture taken, wait, get called to get your license, take a vision test, wait, go get your license. My renewal was routine but still took and hour. It took about 10 minutes to get in the door to get checked in at 10am. The picture taking about another 10 minutes. Then the major wait … only 35 minutes to wait to be called (fill out the paper work, write a check while you are waiting) … vision test… paper work in order. Five minutes to get the plastic card.

There were a lot of people there for less routine reasons. One of those was to get a “Voter Id Card”. I watched as an elderly woman in a wheel chair pushed by her elderly companion maneuvered all the feet and narrow walking spaces to the opposite end of the room to get a photograph. I watched as the DMV staff person twisted and turned the wheel chair to get her in to position to take a photograph. I watched as the the staff person rearranged chairs to give her a reasonable place to wait (probably another 40-50 minutes) before she would have an ID.

Some people, perhaps her legislator, knew this woman’s ID all of her life. I wish her legislator had been required as community service to help her get ready to go to DMV this morning, get her into the wheel chair, get her to the car or bus or cab, get the wheel chair a part for transport, arrive at DOT West in Madison, put the wheel chair together and get her into it, get in line and start waiting.

I admire how much this woman wants to vote even though our legislature is willing to spend between $4-$8 million to make it as difficult as possible because she has no ID.

via WI 1848 Forward: VoterID – Human Costs – Legislature does Community Service NOT.


Norma Rae could be a Teacher (Appreciation Week)

Will this video of Norma Rae stay up on YouTube! None the less it is very poignant to be reminded of it this week of all weeks! Let’s take a chance! WEAC and Norma!

Norma Rae – 3min clip

Served with Koch: NPR: Colleges Receive Gifts, But Are Strings Attached?

Colleges and universities love to have faculty positions endowed by benefactors and also accept money to create institutes, centers and such.  Is it crossing the line for the benefactor to set up rules for who gets to sit in the chair?  The Koch brothers think it’s ok and so does Florida State but they did not ask the faculty.  This NPR story provides a good examination of the issues and what unfortunately may become a trend!

From the source –

Three years ago, the Charles Koch Charitable Foundation struck an agreement with Florida State to encourage the study of economic institutions and political economy.

The foundation, known for its links to conservative causes, gave the university $1.5 million to fund two faculty positions. David Rasmussen, dean of FSU’s College of Social Sciences, says his school maintained control over who would teach, and what they taught.

But the grant created a special advisory board, chosen by the Koch Foundation, that has a role in choosing faculty. And that decision is leading to a world of controversy for the university.

FSU professors have assaulted the idea of giving donors any voice in choosing professors. Cary Nelson, president of the American Association of University Professors, says for years, corporations have been endowing chairs and splashing their names all over the ivory tower. As examples, he cites “The Taco Bell Distinguished Professor of Hotel and Restaurant Administration in Washington. The Lego Professor Learning and Research and the Chevron Professor of Chemical Engineering at MIT.”

The link also contains audio as well as more transcript –

Colleges Receive Gifts, But Are Strings Attached?

Walker’s War on Safety Net into May 2011

Walker’s War on Education into May 2011

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